Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Residential Contractor in Orange County

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If you’re ready to embark on a new residential construction or renovation project, Greater Pacific Construction has put together this list of dos and don’ts in hiring a residential contractor to help you get on the right track.

Do a Thorough Research

Do complete research regarding your planned residential project and the various general contracting companies in your area. Visit community site for recommendations, ask friends and families who have worked with other contractors, and visit home improvement websites. Find out about best practices, hidden complications, and the many ways you can complete your project. This information will empower you to find the right residential contractor and negotiate the best rates. Reputable contractors like Greater Pacific Construction, with decades of experience in Home Remodeling and building Room Addition, Luxury Home, Custom Home, will keep you informed of any possible problem areas and will discuss possible solutions with you, as well as estimated additional costs.

Request Competitive Bids and Avoid the Lowest Bid

It is recommended that you get competitive bids by calling 2-5 residential contractors in and around Orange County and have them bid against each other. However, we don’t suggest you take the lowest bid offered because you think it’s the best deal. Be wary of any contractor who eagerly bids the lowest. In our industry, it is common knowledge that less reputable contractors tend to pop hidden costs later in the project, when the project has started and your place is torn apart, giving you that feeling that you can’t back out due to extreme inconvenience or investment loss.

Negotiate for the Best Rate Without Undervaluing Your Contractor

By all means, negotiate for the best rate and pick the best residential contractor in Orange County. Most contractors are willing to negotiate on labor prices or discount materials or supplies. General contractors get discounts from suppliers and may be able to share the special price without suffering a loss on the value of their time. There are some contractors that offer lower labor price to outdo other bids, but make up for it later on through high markups on supplies or materials. Just try not to overdo the negotiation and going for the bottom price. Be reasonable and bear in mind that contractors have insurance, overhead and other expenses to cover, too. Reputable contractors with good references and a proven track record of delivering high-quality work will not hesitate to walk away from your project if they sense you are undervaluing their experience and skills.

Get a Contract and Understand the Terms Stipulated

Make sure to read and understand the contract terms before signing. The most important aspect a contract is the detailed information on the services to be provided. If your contractor is replacing a door, it should specify whether the existing door will be removed and disposed of and the new door delivered, installed, and painted. It should also stipulate the material or brand, warranties, and timeline for completing the service. Pay your contractor the right amount and on time, especially if he/she is providing quality workmanship. If your contractor is not fulfilling a contractual obligation, you have the right to withhold payment until the work is completed as stipulated in the contract. A comprehensive contract sets the expectations, prevents any misunderstandings, and legally protects both parties.

Check References Carefully

Check references and portfolio of finished projects. If it’s possible, try to arrange calling client references or a visit to a project site where the contractor completed work similar to the type of project you are about to embark on. This ensures your contractor has a good track record. Remember that it’s best to see projects that have been completed a year or more to see proof of superior craftsmanship.

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