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““I believe being quality-oriented, with the ability to bring integrity and honesty to one’s job is something that a person has to be born with in order to demonstrate it consistently. These are the exact values that we operate on. Additionally, we have also surrounded ourselves with a professional and technically talented staff with these same values. Building unique and lasting projects is our passion and our track record supports this. We will not take on a project unless we are absolutely confident we can deliver it perfectly and seamlessly. Let our expert staff help you create your own quality and lasting project.”—Kevin Zabeti, President, Greater Pacific Construction

Kevin Zabeti serves as the president of Greater Pacific Construction pursuing the professional values and attention to detail that exemplify the very best about the construction industry. This isn’t just his passion, it’s what sets him apart from other industry leaders. A remodeling or building project can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, and its Mr. Zabeti’s goal to see every client through every step of the process.

Utilizing an extensive business and construction background, Mr. Zabeti understands that quality is always a good investment, and his hands-on experience with framing, concrete, and other structural components enables him to identify and correct design and construction details before they become problems. With a portfolio that includes custom and multi-family residential projects, restaurants, dealerships, shopping centers, medical offices, schools, and public works projects, Kevin Zabeti is committed to a “No Call Practice” where once the project has been completed and delivered, there are “no calls” regarding quality or construction issues in the future.

Mr. Zabeti’s creative ideas and building solutions, and working with construction professionals who understand the industry and share the same standards for quality that they do, are what sets Greater Pacific Construction apart from other construction contractors. Under the leadership of Kevin Zabeti the company has established highly-valued and long-standing working relationships based on trust and loyalty with its staff and sub-contractors alike, thus creating an efficient and successful team.


Expertise & experience in residential and commercial construction projects.

high-profile clients

Kevin has had the privilege of working with many high profile clients including:

  • BMW
  • Fresh Start Bakeries of McDonald’s
  • LA Choppers
  • Marriott Corporation
  • Panera Bread
  • Sun Dance Cinemas
  • University of California

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