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Tenant Improvements

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At Greater Pacific Construction, a highly-experienced and licensed general contractor in Orange County, we specialize in tenant improvements, ensuring that buildings are modified to meet the requirements of tenants without compromising stability and safety of the structures. Tenant improvements are the customized interior alterations to a rental or commercial space a building owner makes to for the needs of a particular tenant. Some of the tenant improvements include changes to walls, floors, ceilings, and lighting, roof coverings or modifications, partitions, fire safety steps and air conditioning changes among others. We coordinate with the various subcontractors needed to ensure that the tenant improvements are completed on time and within budget. Greater Pacific Construction also specializes in Construction ConsultingGeneral Contracting and other residential and commercial renovation and construction in TustinIrvineNewport BeachOrange CountyLaguna BeachLaguna NiguelSan Juan CapistranoSan Clemente and Dana Point. Call us at (949) 749-5250 or fill out our contact form for more information.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County Tenant Improvements

Benefits of Tenant Improvements

✔ Added value- Increased customer satisfaction in a customized space.
✔ Future Benefits- Enhanced satisfaction frequently translates into more renewals and higher occupancy rates.
✔ Marketability- Maintains the right image for the business or the tenant operating in the space.
✔ Efficiency- Ensures efficient and effective use of the facility and the building.
✔ Return on Investments- Increases property value and can fit the lifestyle and decorating preferences of occupants or tenants

High Quality Tenant Improvements

To get the highest quality tenant improvements, you need an exceptional residential and commercial construction company. Greater Pacific Construction is that company. The term ‘tenant improvements’ can be very broad and involve situations extremely diverse in scope and nature. By definition, they are revisions made to the interior of an industrial or commercial property by its owner to accommodate the needs of a tenant and include floor and wall coverings, partitions, ceilings, air conditioning, security, and fire protection and etc. Building owners and building management companies often undertake tenant improvements as the use and/or occupants of the space changes. Typically, tenant improvements only affect the interior space of the building without making changes to the building’s exterior. This type of construction most often occurs as companies grow (or shrink) and their space requirements change – forcing them to either improve the space they’re in or rent elsewhere. Greater Pacific Construction has decades of experience in the tenant improvement industry, and we make it our business to understand the space requirements of your business.

No single construction method will work for all tenant improvement projects. For some new tenants, the construction improvements are straightforward, for others, the task calls for more in-depth and prolonged construction activities. Greater Pacific Construction serves Orange County as an experienced and licensed general contractor specializing in tenant improvements. Our team of designers, IT professionals, marketing experts, and builders, will ensure that your buildings are modified specifically to meet the tenant’s needs. Additionally, finding a general contractor like Greater Pacific Construction who is frequently able to proceed with construction while allowing business operations to remain active can help avoid relocation costs.

Our pre-qualified construction crews work with a project management team and are able to handle all types of tenant improvement construction projects including, tenant and building standards, competitive bid processes, comprehensive construction schedules, identifying cost savings/changes through value engineering, and project punch-list management. Greater Pacific Construction employs the most skilled professionals in the market, all of whom are committed to delivering every project’s goals, and initiatives. Our team approach gives our tenant improvement clients numerous contact people during every phase of the project. At Greater Pacific Construction, the key to success is communication and we constantly strive to maintain the most skilled and professional onsite project personnel available.

Greater Pacific Construction can create a comprehensive pre-construction plan that includes estimating, design evaluation, site analysis, constructability review and scheduling. We have years of residential and commercial construction experience so we’re familiar with the building and planning regulations across Orange County and have established professional relationships with building officials and inspectors so there are no surprises that can negatively impact your project.

Greater Pacific Construction as achieved its reputation for quality and integrity in residential and commercial construction by providing the highest level of service to clients across Orange County. Family owned since 1989, Kevin Zabeti has served as company president since 2009. Under Mr. Zabeti’s leadership that reputation has continued to grow, and his experience with numerous aspects of the construction industry affords him a unique perspective and appreciation of the creative process and for people who are good at what they do. It’s this approach to tenant improvement projects that set Greater Pacific Construction apart.

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