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Greater Pacific Construction is a full-service general contractor that specialize in residential and commercial constructions in Orange County, such as Home RemodelingKitchen RemodelingRoom AdditionTenant Improvements, and more. Our work ethics and culture have helped us attract the most experienced, quality driven, and honest team members, subcontractors, architects and designers. Leading the company is Kevin Zabeti, a highly-experienced and licensed general contractor, who has worked on several types of projects, from home renovations to high-profile commercial projects. Read the testimonials from our satisfied clients and call us today.

We are extremely pleased with our room addition by Greater Pacific Construction!! ``Room addition`` is somewhat misleading as our project included demolition of a garage, a foundation and construction of a new garage with a large bedroom and bathroom on a new second floor. From pouring concrete to painting, Greater Pacific handled it all. With their on-site manager, they kept the project moving with surprisingly little inconvenience to us. They kept us in the loop with almost daily updates and were always accessible to answer questions and help with decisions. When the project was about over, we looked around and decided that we would have to change the landscaping to go with it. With Greater Pacific’s help, we came up with a plan and they carried it out. It almost looks like a new house! We love our new bedroom with its view of the ocean, fireplace and sitting area! We are happy to recommend Greater Pacific Construction to anyone considering a large home construction project.​
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Client Testimonials
Greater Pacific Construction provided me with a beautiful home addition as well as filling in an old swimming pool. The staff was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They provided me with a quote in writing as well as their license information so I knew they were the company to go with. They provided me with additional work not initially quoted, but were professional in making sure I had all my needs met. I would highly recommend them.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Client Testimonials
Sue B.
I have had a lot of remodeling done before and Greater Pacific is by far the best I have come across. All the work was done in about 3 weeks in between Christmas and New Years. He is a really good guy, follows through, and did all the work perfect.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Client Testimonials
Kerry D.
We interviewed many contractors, some were referrals and some we had found in advertisement. We came across Greater Pacific's contact info on the web and requested a quote for our Room Addition. They immediately scheduled their estimator to meet with us and provided us with a complete and well planned proposal. They are experts at what they do and built a quality 2nd level addition for us. They are honest and very knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who is planning to do any kind of room addition or remodeling work. Thank you Greater Pacific for your services and efforts.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Client Testimonials
Nancy and James S.
Thank you Greater Pacific for all of the efforts that you put into our project. We are extremely pleased with the experience we have with your company and would recommend Greater Pacific to any of our friends or family looking to do an addition or renovation. Our family and friends love the work you did for us and we are very happy about the fact that we picked you as our Contractor. We wish you success with the rest of your projects and hope to work with you again.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Client Testimonials
Sara A.
My husband and I did a complete remodel of our home in San Clemente including extension of the back of our house into the backyard for a larger kitchen and living area. We interviewed 2 other companies besides Greater Pacific. They all seemed qualified. However, what really stood out the most about Greater Pacific was their ideas, knowledge of construction and the level of creativity they offered us. We ended up signing a contract with them after we talked to a few of their references. By then we felt confident that we had made the right decision and that they knew what our goals are and what we have in mind about the job. Upon signing we were presented with a progress pay schedule and a construction completion date and schedule. The project was built exactly according to our needs and even exceeded our expectations. The quality was outstanding and we received great level of care during construction. They are truly experts at what they do and delivered exactly what they had promised. We will recommend them to any family member trying to have a remodel done to their house. Many thanks to Kevin and his team.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
If you are looking to have things done professionally the guys at Greater Pacific are the correct choice. I recently remodeled my Restaurant in Mission Viejo (Aug 2017) Kevin is great when it comes to explaining the scope of a project. He also made sure to explain very well whenever I had questions regarding the project. He often made suggestions that either made the project move faster, or improved the overall quality. Were they perfect? Absolutely not, but that is what I liked the best, when the minor snags or mistakes did present themselves they were handled and or corrected impeccably. It was quickly apparent that Kevin and Hix were both on the same page. They wanted to get things done right, this didn't always mean the work could be done inexpensively. He is priced fairly, this is especially true when it comes to the finished product. If you want to create something that will last a very long time measured in decades not years, Greater Pacific Construction should be the ones to build it for you. I am extremely happy with the final product, it has boosted sales in the restaurant, I couldn’t ask for more.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Rafael Davila
We are extremely happy with the project completed by Greater Pacific Construction on our home! In July of 2016, we began interviewing companies to add an extension to our home and completely redo our first floor of our home. The addition/renovation would include turning our dining room into an office, re-organizing the space/walls in our living room, moving our laundry room to another section of the house, new cabinets and entertainment center and building a gym in the extension/old laundry area. We also wanted a deck built off of our upstairs bedroom over the 500 sq’ extension to our home. We interviewed 5 contractors; all had very good reputations and very good recommendations. Kevin Zabeti of Greater Pacific Construction was the 2nd company that we talked to and there was just something about the openness and willing to hear our vision for our home that stuck with us. We talked to 3 families who Kevin did work for and they each told us the same thing; Kevin and his company are reliable and honest, providing exactly what was contracted for in a timely manner at the price agreed upon. They also told us what we really wanted to hear; Kevin listens and he turns your vision into reality. After we completed the contractor interviews, we asked Kevin if we can meet a couple of the key people who would work on our project prior to committing. He arranged a meeting with one of his project managers, the lead framer and electrician and a day after the meetings, we gave Greater Pacific Construction a deposit and the project began!
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Jay Kotin
The scope of my project was an addition onto the back of my house to increase the size of my kitchen and also adding an outdoor (California) room. For me it was a major undertaking. I did not want to make a mistake in selecting a contractor. Kevin at Greater Pacific Construction was the first contractor I met with on my project. His professionalism and construction knowledge impressed me immediately. I had trouble getting other contractors to call me back, provide a quote or even showing up to scheduled appointments. In the end, I had a good feeling about Kevin and made the (very easy) decision to go with them. Kevin introduced me to a qualified engineer and was very involved in finalizing the design. I was happy that I was able to get vaulted ceilings incorporated into the design (which looks surprisingly great with my existing ceilings which are only 8 feet high). Once the design was finalized, I started working with an amazing project manager (Hix). Hix provided me with a schedule they were able to meet (or beat!) that schedule. Hix was a constant fixture at the house. I LOVED Hix! He kept things moving along smoothly. There were workmen at my house every day. No time periods with nothing happening on this project! We went smoothly from demo to foundation to framing, etc. Hix kept an eye on everything. If I had any questions, I could always talk to Hix or Kevin. Hix was able to make needed modifications with the subcontractors where required on the fly – which kept things moving along. Communication was great. I could get in touch with Kevin or Hix anytime. I also appreciate how Hix and Kevin provided a lot of really good guidance. If I was trying to make a hard decision, they always gave me great advice. They never led me astray. I paid for the project as milestones were met. There were no surprises in the costs. In short, “no surprises” was a recurring theme. Everything went smoothly, schedules were met, pricing was met and quality of the work was great. I LOVE my new space. If I had the smallest concern, it was addressed. I wouldn’t change one single thing about my new rooms. I would recommend Greater Pacific Construction to anyone planning to do any work to his or her house.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Debi Raley
This was another great - successfully executed and beautifully done, collaboration between MILAN DESIGN and Greater Pacific Construction. As a designer, I enjoyed being involved in the project from the very beginning, which is what yields the best result and product from the perspective of providing what the client truly wants and needs, as well as being able to generate a custom, fresh, yet appropriate design. Having an all inclusive, collective relationship between client - designer - builder is ideal; in this case we had all three and the wonderful result shows that.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Milan Design
I found Greater Pacific on Houzz. I met with Kevin who was very professional and thorough. I checked his references and found my neighbor used him. Great review. We went back and forth with changes on my side and he was very patient. Greater Pacific found ways to enlarge my kitchen and give me more storage....and kept the price in line with my budget. The work is Excellent. Very pleased. I can now call my house a home.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Abbe Green
I had never worked with a contractor in my life and my new office was going to be a big project. I even remember the day I meant Shahin (Shawn), he showed up with a measuring time and note pad. That surprised me since most contractors I had met with barely walked through the new space. Once I talked with Shahin I knew immediately I would work well with him, given all his knowledge and advice on the construction. Bonus the price tag was half the price compared to other companies (I was even told to save a bit more for unexpected cost, which happened but very minimally). The work was done within the time frame estimated, which worked great for our opening month. The crew was always kind and professional, even respected the building's rules of no noise early mornings. Yet they stayed on Sundays and late nights to make sure the work would be ready. Every inch of the construction was done to perfection and make our office look great. Every week we received invoices to keep us posted on cost and expenses. We paid weekly as projects were completed. We have photos on our website and Yelp if you'd like to see the proof: Eyed LA Optometry. I have already referred Shahin (Shawn) the team at Greater Pacific Construction to some friends for work on their homes and they were equally pleased. I highly recommend their services (don't agree that this company is out to make a buck). Keep up the amazing work and get ready to build my next office Shahin!!!! With many thanks to making the process so incredible.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Could not be happier! GPC is a great company that I will recommend to friends and family for years to come. It was a challenge to find the right company - took us days/weeks/months to interview various construction companies and we are so glad we put the time and energy into doing so. We feel like we choose wisely and GPC eased our minds and hearts thru every phase of the project.
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
Leilani Thomas
Greater Pacific did a terrific job on our home addition and remodel. We added 1100 sqft to an 1800 sqft home. We extended the back wall of our kitchen out 20 feet to make a large family room and built a 2nd story above our living room, kitchen, and the new family room to make a large master suite. It was an enormous project that involved deep excavation and soil preparation for the new foundation, and a lot of demolition for the new framing. Framing was a huge project since there was so much to build. Most of what you'll see on the Greater Pacific website is finished projects, but I encouraged the owner to show photos of the early stages of construction to show they're not just a room remodeler -- they can do it ALL! The workmanship is superb, and the workers and everybody on the project were great to work with. They were pleasant and would discuss things with us in depth to ensure things came out right. Having a site manager there every day and with so many years of experience made things run smoothly. He managed the workers directly to ensure everything was built right. If there was any problem, he got it corrected. With the scope of our project and 6 of us living in the house during the whole construction, he put a lot of effort into minimizing the impact on us. For example, although major structural work was needed on our main kitchen wall to support the new 2nd story, including digging completely under it to pour a huge linear footing, he was able to keep our kitchen intact and didn't have to remove our pantries or appliances. We were able to live in the house during the whole construction (but we had a few 3-day vacations already planned, which they took advantage of). If we even hinted something was inconveniencing us, the site manager had somebody changing it that day or the next. Probably the biggest service they do for you is giving you a team of exceptional subcontractors to do the work. The job site was usually very busy, and sometimes extremely so. They work hard to avoid down days that stretch out a project, and they take pride in making or beating their schedule. Framing was a large crew every day, and when it was done, it was common to have 4 or 5 different trades working in the house at the same time or at least during the same day. Although there were some light days due to unusual circumstances, the project was completed quickly for its size. Things move so fast sometimes it's hard to keep ahead of them with picking all of the finishes (tile, faucets, shower, lights, mouldings, paint colors, etc). With Greater Pacific, you're not going to be one of those cases whose project sits idle day after day, and you and neighbors wonder when it will ever get done. The owner said he handles a project like it's his own home, and it's true. He and the site manager kept a close eye on everything, and in later stages of the project, he's there daily checking the final finishing and calling people back to do fixes, touchups, and adjustments if necessary. He caught things even I didn't notice. Now that we're living in our new space, we really appreciate how nicely everything came out. See the photos!
Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County General Contractor -Houzz Testimonials
David Moore

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Kevin Zabeti

Licensed Contractor/President

“Owners hire us to build and enhance their homes. Companies count on us to construct, improve or expand their businesses. Our past clients rely on us project after project because of our previous success together.”

Kevin has been involved in the building and renovation of many complex and demanding projects throughout Southern California. His background in business and construction management, and his extensive knowledge of framing and related structural components, allows him to envision the finished project from the very beginning and lead the way to a successful completion every time.

His diversified background in conceptual and hard bid estimating, project scheduling and management, quality control and project close out give him a strong competitive edge in the industry. His portfolio of projects include, hospitality and hotel, custom homes, movie theaters, retail venues including strip malls, shopping centers and related interior tenant improvements, educational facilities and public works.


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Kevin has had the privilege of working with many high profile clients including:

  • BMW
  • Fresh Start Bakeries of McDonald’s
  • LA Choppers
  • Marriott Corporation
  • Panera Bread
  • Sun Dance Cinemas
  • University of California

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