The Rising Trend of Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Orange County, CA

Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADU)

With rising housing costs and increasing demand for affordable living options, one residential trend garnering significant attention in Orange County, California, is the development of Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs). Known also as granny flats, backyard cottages, or in-law suites, ADUs are independent residential structures that share the same lot as a primary dwelling. What is […]

Custom Home Construction in Orange County: Everything You Need to Know

Greater Pacific Construction - Home Construction in Orange County: Everything You Need to Know

Owning a custom home is such an accomplishment. It represents your hard work and aspirations for yourself and family. So, before you part with your hard earned cash to buy and construct a custom home in Orange County, it is important to know some basics first. Custom home and Production Built A custom home is […]

Accessory Dwelling Units: Boom and Boon

Greater Pacific Construction - Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Boom and Boon

Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) must be something you’ve heard of quite a lot these days. Are you also toying with the idea of improving a part of your property? How about building your own accessory dwelling unit (ADU)? Accessory dwelling unit (ADU), also known as granny flat or in-law suite, is an additional living space […]

DIY Custom Home vs Hiring a Custom Home Builder in Orange County

Greater Pacific Construction Blog - Benefits of Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Whether to raise a family or for retirement, most Americans dream about building their own custom home on their own from the ground up. It’s an admirable, ambitious and daunting undertaking. Whatever the reason, planning and working with an experienced, bonded and insured custom home builder make a big difference when it comes to making […]

Home Renovation DIY vs Hiring Professional Home Renovators

Greater Pacific Construction - DIY Home Renovation versus Hiring Professional Home Renovators

Home renovation lists cost as one of the major considerations. In such cases, some homeowners would weigh in on doing a do-it-your (DIY) own home renovation or hire a residential contractor. Let’s have a look at the advantages of opting for a DIY or hiring a residential contractor to do your renovation. What exactly is […]