Greater Pacific Construction - Things to Consider When Embarking on a Room Addition Project in Orange County

Things to Consider When Embarking on a Room Addition Project in Orange County

Thinking of adding a room to your home because it’s feeling a bit cramped with your growing family? Then room addition can be a good solution, but do yourself a favor and avoid the stress associated with construction projects by doing your homework. The toughest part of embarking on a room addition project is choosing the right general contractor. Once that’s behind you, the rest of the job will be smooth sailing.

Gather Your Ideas for Design & Materials

Have a clear idea about what you want, download images, take pictures or go through interior design websites and magazines. Gather these materials and share them to the general contractors.

Ask Around Before Choosing

Ask friends and family to recommend tried-and-trusted general contractors, get in touch with the contractor and ask to see samples of their work, ask for their credentials, talk to them face to face in order to make sure they understand your ideas and be clear and precise, no room for guessing here.

Watch Out for Warning Signs

If the contractor gives you an estimate before getting the details, accepts only cash, tries to skip the building permit, tries to beat around the legal requirements or tries to use leftover or sub-standard materials, then you should raise the red flags.

Be Frank About Your Budget

Making it clear on the onset that you have a specific budget to work within, and that you don’t intend to go overboard, will save you a lot of headache later.

Get it Down in Black and White

Draw a room addition/ home improvement contract that enumerates the exact job you want done and the price. Having it in writing will allow you and your contractor to fully understand the scope and cost of the project agreed upon. Don’t be sparing with the details; the more precise, the better.

Check for License and Insurance

You should ask for proof of a license and insurance before hiring a general contractor or you can do an online license check in Orange County. Insurance will cover property damage and injuries caused by the contractor’s work. Make sure the general contractor’s insurance includes workers’ compensation, which covers injuries the contractor’s employees may suffer while doing work on site. Greater Pacific Construction is a licensed and insured general contractor in Orange County.

Ask for Receipts

Always ask for receipt for any materials bought and check for yourself that the right material is being used. Transparency is what makes Greater Pacific Construction –Residential one of the most trusted residential general contractors in Orange County.

Be in Touch

Maintain regular communication with your contractor during the execution of the job and check on the progress of the construction regularly. Be prepared for surprises and allow for 10 -15% increase over the estimated budget, but not more. Also make arrangements for the contractor’s crew to have easy access to the materials and supplies.

Don’t Make the Full Payment Upfront

Pay minimum partial payment up front. to a minimum and settle the remaining amount when the job has been completed to your satisfaction. Alternatively, you can negotiate to pay in thirds– 1/3 up front, the other in the middle and the rest upon completion of the project.

Greater Pacific Construction, the most trusted general contractor in Orange County, has years of experience in general contracting and have successfully completed all types of room additions. Our room addition services include architectural and engineering design, obtaining city permits, foundation, footing, forming, shoring, retaining walls, framing, HVAC systems, plumbing, drainage piping, electrical works, main panel, light fixtures, siding, insulation, drywall, plastering, taping, painting and much more.

  • Kitchen extension
  • Two-story extensions
  • Bedroom addition
  • Family bathroom addition
  • Second story extensions
  • Sun rooms
  • California room
  • Garage conversion
  • Dormer addition
  • Bump out addition.

Greater Pacific Construction is a full-service general contracting company with decades of experience in building room additions in Orange County. Call us at (800) 469-1922 or fill out our Contact Form.

Greater Pacific Construction - Planning a Room Addition in Mission Viejo & Finding the Right Contractor

Planning a Room Addition in Mission Viejo & Finding the Right Contractor

In the old days, when people ran out of extra space in their homes, they would move or buy a bigger place. It’s different these days, with the availability of room additions as a cost-effective alternative to the expensive purchase of a bigger home and the time-consuming house remodeling. Greater Pacific Construction, a leading and licensed general contractor in Orange County, specializes in custom room additions that are built to fit your home and family’s needs.

We are a licensed general contractor for Room Additions in Mission Viejo and we provide the best suggestions for construction and remodeling purposes. We have years of experience in design, engineering, and construction. We handle the design and planning, and we take care of the various types of permits required for construction, such as structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical.

Benefits of Room Addition

Room addition is an excellent option especially for homeowners who have grown attached to their current homes and not keen on moving into bigger homes or taking up another loan. You can get an affordable custom design for room additions and increase your property value! However, we have to emphasize that a room addition project is a major undertaking and it’s important that you plan ahead to ensure that it’s the right decision from both the practical and financial standpoint before embarking on the project.

  • Get More Space- Adding a room or an extension to your house will give you the space that suits your needs, such as having a home office, a workshop, a nursery for the new baby, or a guest room.
  • Increase Home Value- Additional square footage is always enticing for home buyers. A carefully-planned room addition makes a home more attractive when the time comes to put your home back in the market.
  • Source for Extra Income- An additional room in your home can be rented out, an additional revenue stream for you and your family. This works out well if you’re house is located near a university or business facilities.

Ideas for Room Addition

There are several options for a room addition. Here are a few ideas you can choose from:

  • Master Suite Addition – Construction of master bedroom suite includes careful planning, especially with the plumbing for the additional fixtures shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. Our room addition specialists will work closely with you to build a space that fits your style and meets the need for more privacy.
  • Second Story Addition – As expert room addition contractors, we make sure that the footings and foundation structure are reinforced to support the second-floor addition.
  • In-Law Suite Addition – In-law suite addition is fast becoming popular. We will work with you to ensure the additional structure flows with your home’s current architecture.
  • Bathroom Addition – We specialize in simple and upscale bathroom constructions and we help source the tiles and fixtures that we know will boost the value of your home.
  • Sunroom or Patio Addition – We have extensive experience in building California rooms, patios and sunrooms to give you the extra outdoor space you need. Our work is designed for comfort, performance, quality, and durability.
  • Guest House Addition – You can build a guest house right on the side of the house to accommodate visiting families and friends. You may choose a master suite or master bedroom with a bathroom or without a bathroom.
  • Bump Out Addition – Bump out addition is a small scale house expansion that adds 50 square feet or so. It is enough to make room for a kitchen island, turning an otherwise cramped dining area into a comfy place for eating and entertaining guests.

Cost of Room Addition in Mission Viejo

Before embarking on a room addition project, we recommend researching the cost of room addition in Mission Viejo. While the national averages provide us a general idea, it’s important to remember that such numbers don’t usually include other factors that impact final costs, such as hourly rates of local labor, material costs, and fees for local permits. 2020 estimates for cost of room extension or additions in Mission Viejo, Orange County show a range of $13,000.00 to $108,400.00. This estimate does not include fees for permits required for room additions, equipment or machinery rental, cleanup cost, inspection/building fees, construction materials and supply, sales taxes, general contractor fees. The size and type of room addition also impact the overall project cost.

Finding the Right Room Addition Contractor You Can Trust

The success of your room addition project highly depends on finding the right general contractor who’s right for the job. Find an experienced, licensed, and insured contractor who understands your needs and is capable of accomplishing the room addition you’re planning to have. Choosing a contractor is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. Greater Pacific Construction, a highly-rated general contractor in Orange County, is an expert in building room addition projects and has developed a reputation for building and remodeling houses in Mission Viejo and surrounding communities. Visit the company’s portfolio of successful residential construction projects.

About Mission Viejo

Considered as one of the biggest master-planned cities in the country, Mission Viejo is truly a remarkable community that welcomes residents from different walks of life. It is a blossoming city that features a well-balanced structural and architectural theme; perfect for families who want to live a comfortable and quiet life. Mission Viejo homeowners are in the right hands, thanks to the solid contracting background of Greater Pacific Construction. They transform your room addition ideas into a completed project that is delivered within timeline and budget.

Mission Viejo has an image to uphold. Its over-all design theme, which is a combination of Spanish and early California, sets it apart from neighboring places. And having Greater Pacific Construction as the city’s number one general contractor will make sure that Mission Viejo keeps on getting the recognition it deserves from organizations like the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Contact Us for Room Addition Construction

Add both space and value to your home with the help of Greater Pacific Construction, Orange County’s top general contractor. We specialize in making your room addition dreams a reality. Call (714) 942-5355 or fill out a contact form to learn more about your room addition options.

Greater Pacific Construction - What is California Room and Why You Need It

What is California Room and Why You Need It

California Room is mainly outdoor but not quite. It is the latest trend in home construction that provides ample outdoor space yet partly indoors. There are also California rooms that are completely detached from the main unit.

Technically, a structure to be called indoor must be part of the interior and has four walls. With California room, it is part of the indoor structure but is open on most sides serving as an outdoor living space much like a porch.

California room is basically a sunroom where you get to enjoy a cool breeze while you are protected against elements. An experienced general contractor can work on this for you and add both function and form to your property.

California rooms may have different values depending on the families’ uses. It basically serves as another family room with comfort space and amenities that can be simple or luxurious. California room provides a relaxing feel and a solace for some solitude, if desired. No matter the design cues, your own loggia is always a welcome respite.

In the old days, some American homes have sunrooms as additional flexible space outside the square footage of the home. California rooms take on the same principle but takes on a new direction in terms of design feature. The idea came from the southern part of Europe where they espouse open-air living within their home properties.

California rooms allow homes to have a feeling of expanded volume and space. Both homeowners and architects get more creative with design options with regard to use of space. Many elements can be added to make it more aesthetic or provide a wider space.

Why do you need a California room?

Living in California means you get to enjoy sunny days for most part of the year. This also means that you or a family member gets to enjoy entertaining guests in a private space within your home but not necessarily inside the main house.

The California room is a perfect combination of an indoor-outdoor living space that offers you relaxation as you enjoy the open-air atmosphere. You are sheltered yet still able to feel openness all year long. It provides you an additional space that is aesthetic and serves a relaxing purpose.

Traditional comforts of home can be added in the California rooms to enhance outdoor activities. Depending on the owner, some would have elements such as a bar, flat screen TV, ceiling fans, and others that enable them to enjoy the fresh air.

In terms of cost in adding a California room, you will have to consider the size, amenities and even construction costs in your specific area. It is best to consult a licensed residential contractor that can help you with the design and building your own California room.

California rooms, when properly done, can add value to your home and even attract buyers looking for a perfect enclave that helps them enjoy the outdoor life without leaving home.

In Orange County, you can find a residential contractor that can help you build your perfect California room. Greater Pacific Construction is a licensed general contractor with extensive experience in home building in California. They have a long list of completed home projects to the delight of clients across Orange County, namely Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange County, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and Dana Point.

Discuss your California room project with Greater Pacific Construction by calling (800) 469-1922 or fill out our contact form for more information.

Greater Pacific Construction - Everything You Need to Know About Room Addition

Everything You Need to Know About Room Addition

Greater Pacific Construction, a leading room addition contractor specialized in building Home Additions and Expansions for over two decades, is known to be an expert when it comes to doing home additions, expansions and home construction. An addition or expansion to a house is described as adding new rooms, areas, or additional square footage to an existing house. Whether building a 2nd level over an existing house or expanding the existing ground floors. There are many features that are or can be added to a house. Areas such as new and expanded kitchen and dining area, master bedrooms and bath, bedrooms and bathrooms, 2nd floor additions, California room and outdoor living spaces.

The nature of an addition for every property is unique and different. Each lot and property have characteristics that require specific creativity and design approach. Depending on the size of the lot and the amount of space available on a lot for the new build addition or expansion, the design approach will vary. One of the first things we as an expert room addition builder will want to find out is, what would be the purpose of the addition? Is it to gain more living space? Is it to gain more storage space? Or is it because we are trying to gain additional bedrooms or other living spaces? We first try to fully understand our clients’ needs and must haves when working on the process of an expansion or home addition. Understanding the day to day needs and functions of a family, future size and growth of the family, the amount of entertainment they have at the house and many other day to day functions and habits that will be studied in order to propose the best case solution and most feasible addition for the project. The key to a successful addition and home expansion as we always say is: 1. It shouldn’t look like an addition when its all completed and finished. 2. The new addition should blend in perfectly with existing design and layout of the house. 3. It should help enhance the life style of our home owners.

We will then pick the most feasible section of the existing house where the expansion will make most sense. There are many different architectural elements and designs that will roll into play in addition to the structural challenges that each project poses which we will work with the design team to come up with the most practical and creative designs for the work. Upon final design decisions and completion of the entire design package; the design team would start working with local jurisdictions such as the home owners’ association or local city building and zoning department in order to obtain and receive all necessary permits and approvals for the project. Upon pulling the construction permit, we would finally start getting ready for the actual build. By this stage of the process we already have drafted our construction schedule spelling out all the activities involved in the process and have our build team and suppliers and other related members all selected and all ready to start construction. The actual breaking ground and construction will start once our owners are fully ready and on board with the work and direct us to proceed forward.

We would start by building the rough phases of the work which in most cases will start with the initial demolition, underground utilities such as electrical and plumbing, foundation and framing and other parts of the project. Upon completion of the rough phases we will proceed with our City inspections for getting us ready to start on other phases of the work which involve covering walls and ceilings and exterior of the project with different finishing elements and materials.
A great amount of energy and efforts goes into the structural and concealed parts of a home that are not visible to the ordinary eyes. Things such as the quality of the materials being used, the level of craftsmanship and attention put in to the work, and the kind of strength and quality the home is built with. There are many important factors that come into play affecting the quality and life of a structure. In most cases, they are not visible to the eye but can make a huge different in quality and life of a house. The quality of routing the plumbing lines and installing the fittings and fixtures, the quality of wiring and installation of electrical fixtures, the quality of installation of ductings and all heating and cooling equipment and elements, quality of waterproofing of different areas of the house such as exterior walls and window openings, showers and bathrooms, roofs and all other elements related to roofing. There are many different factors related to quality and durability of a building that we consider at the time of build. We creatively use different methods of routing the plumbing lines, electrical lines and HVAC ducting and other components to make sure the architectural essence of the house is maintained and we are not cutting in to the design. During the material selection process, our clients have already made all their choices and the materials have been procured and purchased, now its time for installation. Carefully installing all the finish related elements after drywall finishing or at the stage of drywall installation can include: cabinetry and millwork, floor tiles, wood floors and trims, stair cases and railing, backsplash and many other finishing materials. Quality craftsmanship in the installation process can make all the difference in how a project presents itself and our team of installers and finishers at Greater Pacific Construction can make that difference. From proper installation of all finishes and fixtures according the best industry practices and standards to final finishing touches to different details such as custom tile installation and wood trims or other decorative elements, all and all are accounted for here at our company because we believe in building our clients home just like its ours. With the same quality.

✔ We build additions and expansions that are unique with a different architectural essence. Transitions from existing to new are seamlessly performed so we can achieve a successful and meaningful addition.
✔ After building 100’s of projects and building a successful track record of jobs, we understand what to look for in delivering a quality project and an addition that makes sense and lasts for the life of the house or even longer.
✔ We bring unique, creative and up to date solutions and ideas for our clients.
✔ Our build team are experts at what they do and have been performing additions and specialty trade work for many years, giving them a competitive advantage in the industry.
✔ Our insurance, warranty and product back up is unmatched in the industry. We stand behind our work because our reputation is at stake.
✔ We monitor and supervise our projects daily to insure quality and reduce the amount of errors. Nothing goes passed our eye unless its done correctly and property and client is satisfied.
✔ We do not use any materials out of tolerance. All of our materials are purchased project specific meaning we don’t carry materials from one project to another.
✔ Our staff is amongst the most reliable in the industry and always a phone call away to address our client’s needs.
✔ Safety is our number one concern on the job. Insuring all safety measures are considered at the job site protecting all the workers and our clients.
✔ Our waterproofing systems and moisture control systems are amongst the best in the market.
✔ We deliver turnkey projects meaning we will walk out of the project once all and every detail of the work is completed and approved by the client. No item is left behind incomplete.
✔ We use the newest and most up to date materials and methods of construction.
✔ We inquire the newest architectural trends and methods feasible with the project.
✔ We have the friendliest staff on board making it easy for the clients to work with.
✔ We barricade the construction area in ways to have the least amount of construction effect on clients’ day to day life style.
✔ Construction clean up and tidiness is a top priority at our company.
✔ We rely on our past project success and relay that experience and knowledge to our clients.
✔ We specialize in bringing value to our clients’ homes.
✔ We have a credible reputation for quality amongst city inspectors and do not compromise quality over cost.

All and all we are about making construction a pleasant and memorable journey for our clients while improving their home. We believe in adding value to our clients lives and go out of way to enhance and improve their life styles and the quality of their homes.

In addition to the last section above, please add something like this paragraph below to explain what sets us apart additionally. With our company, clients can be relieved of the worry about making the right decisions for their house. The amount of experience we bring to the table for them answers all their questions. They will be working with a team that’s considered a leader in the industry. We specialize in performing all types of expansions and additions with a successful track record that speaks for itself. Our ideas are unique and exclusive. We rely on our past project success and relay that experience and knowledge to our clients.

Hiring the best in the industry will deliver the best and will also provide that surety about the decisions that clients make for their home. It’s all about making the right decisions and choices and we are here to help you make that decision. Quality, Dependability, experience and reliability is what we are known for.

At Greater Pacific Construction we are experts and high quality kitchen remodels. We use only top grade materials and skilled artisans on your kitchen remodel. This is why so many home owners choose Greater Pacific Construction as their Orange County Kitchen Remodeling Contractor. And since our business is family owned and operated, our reputation is at stake in every kitchen remodel.