What is California Room and Why You Need It

Greater Pacific Construction - What is California Room and Why You Need It

California Room is mainly outdoor but not quite. It is the latest trend in home construction that provides ample outdoor space yet partly indoors. There are also California rooms that are completely detached from the main unit.

Technically, a structure to be called indoor must be part of the interior and has four walls. With California room, it is part of the indoor structure but is open on most sides serving as an outdoor living space much like a porch.

California room is basically a sunroom where you get to enjoy a cool breeze while you are protected against elements. An experienced general contractor can work on this for you and add both function and form to your property.

California rooms may have different values depending on the families’ uses. It basically serves as another family room with comfort space and amenities that can be simple or luxurious. California room provides a relaxing feel and a solace for some solitude, if desired. No matter the design cues, your own loggia is always a welcome respite.

In the old days, some American homes have sunrooms as additional flexible space outside the square footage of the home. California rooms take on the same principle but takes on a new direction in terms of design feature. The idea came from the southern part of Europe where they espouse open-air living within their home properties.

California rooms allow homes to have a feeling of expanded volume and space. Both homeowners and architects get more creative with design options with regard to use of space. Many elements can be added to make it more aesthetic or provide a wider space.

Why do you need a California room?

Living in California means you get to enjoy sunny days for most part of the year. This also means that you or a family member gets to enjoy entertaining guests in a private space within your home but not necessarily inside the main house.

The California room is a perfect combination of an indoor-outdoor living space that offers you relaxation as you enjoy the open-air atmosphere. You are sheltered yet still able to feel openness all year long. It provides you an additional space that is aesthetic and serves a relaxing purpose.

Traditional comforts of home can be added in the California rooms to enhance outdoor activities. Depending on the owner, some would have elements such as a bar, flat screen TV, ceiling fans, and others that enable them to enjoy the fresh air.

In terms of cost in adding a California room, you will have to consider the size, amenities and even construction costs in your specific area. It is best to consult a licensed residential contractor that can help you with the design and building your own California room.

California rooms, when properly done, can add value to your home and even attract buyers looking for a perfect enclave that helps them enjoy the outdoor life without leaving home.

In Orange County, you can find a residential contractor that can help you build your perfect California room. Greater Pacific Construction is a licensed general contractor with extensive experience in home building in California. They have a long list of completed home projects to the delight of clients across Orange County, namely Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange County, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and Dana Point.

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