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What Luxury Home Contractor in Orange County Considers a Valuable Splurge

A luxury home is a good thing to desire and own especially when it’s something you have saved on and dreamt of for sometime. Who wouldn’t want to live in a majestic, sprawling property equipped with the most advanced technology and the neighborhood’s standard of luxury living? How about a showcase modern apartment with a nice view of the city?

Luxury homes though are not specifically defined but share a few characteristics such as prime location, premium interior finishes, high-end kitchen appliances, customized closets and cabinets, hotel or spa-like amenities, and a lot more. Typically, a property with a $1 million price tag would merit the term luxury home.

In 2017, a luxury home in Los Angeles was listed at a median price of $4 million dollars. The price skyrockets if we’re talking about ultra-luxury home for example, as with a property in Bel Air that came with a commanding tag of $350 million in 2017. To a simple mind, it would be easy to generalize that a property worth nine figures has all the best features, top-notch craftsmanship, and amenities.

But what really makes an expensive home construction a valuable splurge? Greater Pacific Construction offers some insights on luxury home features that are worth spending on.

What’s worth the splurge

Energy-efficient systems

There’s a clamor about going green when building homes. In a 2017 National Association of Home Builders survey of home buyers’ preferences, “green” features were some of the essentials considered by homebuyers who earn over $150,000 a year. Some of these hefty spends include energy-saving window systems, heating and cooling devices, appliances, lighting, weather-resistant materials and building techniques, and more.


Consider a state-of-the-art kitchen as the centerpiece of your luxury home. The kitchen is always where improvements can be made from time to time. Depending on your design cues, a kitchen island with modern fixtures might be appealing to you. Upgrade the kitchen’s looks with cabinets that are taller and minimalist, additional LED lightings for mood effect and functional use, and appliances (go for as many stoves as you like). A well put up kitchen is quite a consideration among buyers should you decide to sell your property in the future.


Lighting is one aspect of luxury home construction that you can have as much as you like. A well-lit home is always more inviting and warm. You can add more in your kitchen, bedrooms, or other rooms that need more brightness and create moods.

Storage solutions

A luxury home does not have an issue with space, that’s guaranteed. However, a high-end apartment may be a bit challenged when it comes to space. So building a smart and innovative storage solution can help conserve the space and add aesthetics when it’s properly done. Spend quality money on built-in cabinets, hidden or open shelves, pull out organizers or bins, etc. With a slew of available designs and technology-driven solutions, adding storage solutions to your spending list is desirable.


For obvious reasons, garage is one of the splurges you should make to provide a comfortable resting stop for your expensive cars. With pricey and sleek vehicles, the rule is: “the bigger, the better.”

It would be easy to add and splurge on fixtures and features for your luxury home that may not necessarily be worth your dollar. While personal preferences are the topmost consideration for most homeowners, it is also noteworthy to consider prioritizing to spend on the most functional and practical for your luxury home.

When building your luxury home or looking to remodel, it is best to consult a trustworthy contractor. An experienced general contractor in Orange County can help plan and build your luxury home with utmost quality, craftsmanship, and expertise.

Greater Pacific Construction in Orange County is of great reputation and experienced general contractors. Currently, they have quite impressive portfolio of Home Renovation and Home Remodeling projects completed successfully and to the utmost satisfaction of their clients in Orange County.

Greater Pacific Construction - Planning a Room Addition in Mission Viejo & Finding the Right Contractor

Planning a Room Addition in Mission Viejo & Finding the Right Contractor

In the old days, when people ran out of extra space in their homes, they would move or buy a bigger place. It’s different these days, with the availability of room additions as a cost-effective alternative to the expensive purchase of a bigger home and the time-consuming house remodeling. Greater Pacific Construction, a leading and licensed general contractor in Orange County, specializes in custom room additions that are built to fit your home and family’s needs.

We are a licensed general contractor for Room Additions in Mission Viejo and we provide the best suggestions for construction and remodeling purposes. We have years of experience in design, engineering, and construction. We handle the design and planning, and we take care of the various types of permits required for construction, such as structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical.

Benefits of Room Addition

Room addition is an excellent option especially for homeowners who have grown attached to their current homes and not keen on moving into bigger homes or taking up another loan. You can get an affordable custom design for room additions and increase your property value! However, we have to emphasize that a room addition project is a major undertaking and it’s important that you plan ahead to ensure that it’s the right decision from both the practical and financial standpoint before embarking on the project.

  • Get More Space- Adding a room or an extension to your house will give you the space that suits your needs, such as having a home office, a workshop, a nursery for the new baby, or a guest room.
  • Increase Home Value- Additional square footage is always enticing for home buyers. A carefully-planned room addition makes a home more attractive when the time comes to put your home back in the market.
  • Source for Extra Income- An additional room in your home can be rented out, an additional revenue stream for you and your family. This works out well if you’re house is located near a university or business facilities.

Ideas for Room Addition

There are several options for a room addition. Here are a few ideas you can choose from:

  • Master Suite Addition – Construction of master bedroom suite includes careful planning, especially with the plumbing for the additional fixtures shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. Our room addition specialists will work closely with you to build a space that fits your style and meets the need for more privacy.
  • Second Story Addition – As expert room addition contractors, we make sure that the footings and foundation structure are reinforced to support the second-floor addition.
  • In-Law Suite Addition – In-law suite addition is fast becoming popular. We will work with you to ensure the additional structure flows with your home’s current architecture.
  • Bathroom Addition – We specialize in simple and upscale bathroom constructions and we help source the tiles and fixtures that we know will boost the value of your home.
  • Sunroom or Patio Addition – We have extensive experience in building California rooms, patios and sunrooms to give you the extra outdoor space you need. Our work is designed for comfort, performance, quality, and durability.
  • Guest House Addition – You can build a guest house right on the side of the house to accommodate visiting families and friends. You may choose a master suite or master bedroom with a bathroom or without a bathroom.
  • Bump Out Addition – Bump out addition is a small scale house expansion that adds 50 square feet or so. It is enough to make room for a kitchen island, turning an otherwise cramped dining area into a comfy place for eating and entertaining guests.

Cost of Room Addition in Mission Viejo

Before embarking on a room addition project, we recommend researching the cost of room addition in Mission Viejo. While the national averages provide us a general idea, it’s important to remember that such numbers don’t usually include other factors that impact final costs, such as hourly rates of local labor, material costs, and fees for local permits. 2020 estimates for cost of room extension or additions in Mission Viejo, Orange County show a range of $13,000.00 to $108,400.00. This estimate does not include fees for permits required for room additions, equipment or machinery rental, cleanup cost, inspection/building fees, construction materials and supply, sales taxes, general contractor fees. The size and type of room addition also impact the overall project cost.

Finding the Right Room Addition Contractor You Can Trust

The success of your room addition project highly depends on finding the right general contractor who’s right for the job. Find an experienced, licensed, and insured contractor who understands your needs and is capable of accomplishing the room addition you’re planning to have. Choosing a contractor is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. Greater Pacific Construction, a highly-rated general contractor in Orange County, is an expert in building room addition projects and has developed a reputation for building and remodeling houses in Mission Viejo and surrounding communities. Visit the company’s portfolio of successful residential construction projects.

About Mission Viejo

Considered as one of the biggest master-planned cities in the country, Mission Viejo is truly a remarkable community that welcomes residents from different walks of life. It is a blossoming city that features a well-balanced structural and architectural theme; perfect for families who want to live a comfortable and quiet life. Mission Viejo homeowners are in the right hands, thanks to the solid contracting background of Greater Pacific Construction. They transform your room addition ideas into a completed project that is delivered within timeline and budget.

Mission Viejo has an image to uphold. Its over-all design theme, which is a combination of Spanish and early California, sets it apart from neighboring places. And having Greater Pacific Construction as the city’s number one general contractor will make sure that Mission Viejo keeps on getting the recognition it deserves from organizations like the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Contact Us for Room Addition Construction

Add both space and value to your home with the help of Greater Pacific Construction, Orange County’s top general contractor. We specialize in making your room addition dreams a reality. Call (714) 942-5355 or fill out a contact form to learn more about your room addition options.

Greater Pacific Construction Blog - Hiring Residential Contractor in Orange County

Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Residential Contractor in Orange County

If you’re ready to embark on a new residential construction or renovation project, Greater Pacific Construction has put together this list of dos and don’ts in hiring a residential contractor to help you get on the right track.

Do a Thorough Research

Do complete research regarding your planned residential project and the various general contracting companies in your area. Visit community site for recommendations, ask friends and families who have worked with other contractors, and visit home improvement websites. Find out about best practices, hidden complications, and the many ways you can complete your project. This information will empower you to find the right residential contractor and negotiate the best rates. Reputable contractors like Greater Pacific Construction, with decades of experience in Home Remodeling and building Room Addition, Luxury Home, Custom Home, will keep you informed of any possible problem areas and will discuss possible solutions with you, as well as estimated additional costs.

Request Competitive Bids and Avoid the Lowest Bid

It is recommended that you get competitive bids by calling 2-5 residential contractors in and around Orange County and have them bid against each other. However, we don’t suggest you take the lowest bid offered because you think it’s the best deal. Be wary of any contractor who eagerly bids the lowest. In our industry, it is common knowledge that less reputable contractors tend to pop hidden costs later in the project, when the project has started and your place is torn apart, giving you that feeling that you can’t back out due to extreme inconvenience or investment loss.

Negotiate for the Best Rate Without Undervaluing Your Contractor

By all means, negotiate for the best rate and pick the best residential contractor in Orange County. Most contractors are willing to negotiate on labor prices or discount materials or supplies. General contractors get discounts from suppliers and may be able to share the special price without suffering a loss on the value of their time. There are some contractors that offer lower labor price to outdo other bids, but make up for it later on through high markups on supplies or materials. Just try not to overdo the negotiation and going for the bottom price. Be reasonable and bear in mind that contractors have insurance, overhead and other expenses to cover, too. Reputable contractors with good references and a proven track record of delivering high-quality work will not hesitate to walk away from your project if they sense you are undervaluing their experience and skills.

Get a Contract and Understand the Terms Stipulated

Make sure to read and understand the contract terms before signing. The most important aspect a contract is the detailed information on the services to be provided. If your contractor is replacing a door, it should specify whether the existing door will be removed and disposed of and the new door delivered, installed, and painted. It should also stipulate the material or brand, warranties, and timeline for completing the service. Pay your contractor the right amount and on time, especially if he/she is providing quality workmanship. If your contractor is not fulfilling a contractual obligation, you have the right to withhold payment until the work is completed as stipulated in the contract. A comprehensive contract sets the expectations, prevents any misunderstandings, and legally protects both parties.

Check References Carefully

Check references and portfolio of finished projects. If it’s possible, try to arrange calling client references or a visit to a project site where the contractor completed work similar to the type of project you are about to embark on. This ensures your contractor has a good track record. Remember that it’s best to see projects that have been completed a year or more to see proof of superior craftsmanship.

Greater Pacific Construction is a full service general contracting company based in Tustin and Irvine in Orange County. Contact us today or call us at (800) 469-1922 to help you get starting with your residential project.

Greater Pacific Construction - DIY Home Renovation versus Hiring Professional Home Renovators

Home Renovation DIY vs Hiring Professional Home Renovators

Home renovation lists cost as one of the major considerations. In such cases, some homeowners would weigh in on doing a do-it-your (DIY) own home renovation or hire a residential contractor.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of opting for a DIY or hiring a residential contractor to do your renovation.

What exactly is a DIY? DIY is defined as an activity of decorating or repairing your home by yourself rather than contracting someone to do it. The Internet offers a myriad of suggestions on DIY projects from simple to complex. A DIY person may not necessarily have the skill to handle a home renovation project. Painting a wall is something most able person can carry out. However, if the project involves plumbing or electricity, then it’s best to have a professional work on it. In short, when doing a DIY, think about time, level of difficulty, and safety.

A residential contractor is a professional who builds and renovates homes or manages such projects from beginning to end. They are typically responsible for securing permits, overseeing labor, and hires construction specialists such as electricians and plumbers. It is the responsibility of the residential contractors to inspect the project from time to time for progress or any issues that may arise and must be remedied. In Orange County, Greater Pacific Construction is a premier residential contractor with numerous successful home builds and renovations.

Let us list down what must be considered between DIY versus hiring professional residential contractor.


  • Time. A DIY home renovation will definitely cost you hours more than cash itself. So if you only have the weekends to install wood flooring yourself, how much time would it take you to complete it?
  • Skill. Watching a video on how to change flooring is different from the actual application. Can you align the hardwood floor? No matter how expensive your flooring materials are, it will look cheap if it’s poorly done.
  • Cost and Savings. When you have estimated your potential savings from DIY renovation and the time involved, just divide the savings over the time and that’s potentially your cost savings for each hour of work. This is often overlooked by DIYers thinking that they get to save on labor costs when they don’t hire professionals. Would you be willing to work for that rate (especially if you miss out on work because of your project)?
  • Safety. Is it safe for you to carry out a renovation on your own? Ask yourself what the worst thing that could happen to you if you do the job. If it could potentially harm you because you’re not skilled enough or the work is too dangerous for you, then don’t.
  • Home value. Will it damage your home or potentially lower the value of your property? Think about that bathroom renovation. Will you be able to properly install bathroom fixtures? An ill-fitting fixture could result to years of weakening if unnoticed and a leak could damage your wall. Some buyers would want to know renovations or repairs done on the property and would factor the work of a licensed general contractor versus a DIY.

Residential Contractor

  • Cash. Money is the biggest investment when hiring a residential contractor. It is always best to compare your costs by trying to ask at least two contractors for estimates. Consider the contractor’s reputation, past projects, and recommendations when deciding to get one. Do your homework by checking their ratings, licenses, and up-to-date insurances. Sometimes, more than the face value of money, it’s the quality of work that makes it worth your cash.
  • Type of project. How complex is your home renovation? Is it just a room or the whole house? Some projects would also need special permits to carry out. A contractor would be able to take care of needed permits prior to starting the project. The bigger the renovation requirements, the more valid reason why hiring a professional matters.
  • Quality of work. When working with a reputable contractor, home renovation projects are thoroughly executed and supervised. A skilled professional is assigned in different aspects such as plumbing, electricity, ceramic tile or hardwood flooring fitting, HVAC, and others. Consumers who hire professionals do so because the completed projects end up having better functionality or livability.

When faced with the desire to renovate your home, always consider your options. Think about materials cost, length of time to complete, skill sets needed. Be honest with yourself if you really can do a DIY project thinking you save but not realizing that mistakes will cost.

A general contractor for home remodeling or renovation is ready to look into your desire to make necessary improvements to your property. Greater Pacific Construction-Residential in Orange County is of great reputation and experienced general contractors. Currently, they have quite impressive portfolio of Home Renovation and Home Remodeling projects completed successfully and to the utmost satisfaction of their clients in Orange County.