Who Is the Top Commercial Contractor in Orange County?

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In spite of awards and recognitions, the best contractor for a typical project, may not be the best for your project. So how do you go about finding YOUR best commercial contractor in Orange County?

There is no shortage of good contractors around, but to find the best one for your project, consider following these simple steps and you will be on track to finding the best contractor in Orange County.

Write a Job Description or RFP

It only needs to be a paragraph or two (or longer depending on the project) and should include all the necessary details a contractor will need to provide an accurate estimate. As you receive estimates from individual contractors and compare their responses you can be confident, they are working off the same parameters … your description.

Get at Least Three Estimates

Getting fewer estimates may not give you enough comparable information, more than three and you may be bogged down under an avalanche of numbers. Keep in mind while comparing estimates that price should not be your sole determining factor. Extremely low bids should be considered with skepticism, if it’s not evident how a contractor is able to complete the work at a decidedly less amount (one explanation may be that they own the needed equipment while other contractors need to include the cost of leasing the equipment) it’s also possible the cost savings will show up in materials or workmanship of lesser quality. They may also not be covered by

Make Sure They Carry Adequate Insurance

Find out if they carry adequate insurance to cover any potential issues or accidents.

Get Everything in Writing

The best contractors will not hesitate to provide estimates, pricing, and schedules, etc., in writing. This is just a sound business practice and for good reason; it protects both parties’ interests if problems arise down the line.

Know Before You Sign

Verify the contractor’s credentials prior to signing a contract for the project. Licensing and insurance are examples of relevant credentials.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Both you and your contractor need to be kept informed of the project status, changes and any number of issues which can happen during construction (and sometimes even before and after). Communicate to them on regular basis and make sure that you keep abreast of the latest developments. Do not wait for your contractor to contact you. If you have questions or concerns, contact him or her directly. Your best contractor is a professional and will respond to you accordingly. Encourage them to contact you with any question or concern they may have as well.

Don’t Skip the Final Walk-Through

After completion of the project, take delivery by conducting a walk-through with a copy of your contract, job description and checklist. Compare the results and go over details. This is your opportunity to point out any deficiencies, or better yet to appreciate the contractor’s workmanship.

Family owned and operated since 1989, Greater Pacific Construction is considered the top Orange County Contractor for commercial projects.

The study also found that 70% of people want to work in the office for most of their workweek. However, they want to see changes from the pre-pandemic density levels, ensuring there is more space for physical distancing while addressing noise and cleaning protocols.

So what is clear is that the earlier prediction that “It’s the End of the Office” may not hold true, but instead we will be working in offices which would have been remodeled and upgraded to accommodate the worker’s health and wellbeing in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Here is what we do expect to see:

  • Companies will have to implement new hygiene and safety precautions
  • Distributed offices and rotating days for the staff
  • One-way hallways would become common, creating one-way primary circulation paths in the workplace
  • A return to 8×8 workstations with higher panels or the addition of Plexi-Glass divider screens — essentially “breath barriers,”
  • Touchless technology for doors, elevators, coffee makers, and more
  • Use of fabrics and surfaces allowing for more frequent, aggressive, or high-powered cleaning methods

Overall, the harsh realities of the COVID19 world have and will alter the preferences and behaviors of the workforce over time and the office and workspaces to stay relevant they would have to evolve and accommodate that.

Greater Pacific Construction has been a leading Tenant Improvement Contractor in Orange County for nearly two decades. Family owned and operated, Greater Pacific creates the most functional and affordable TI which insures project ROI.

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Licensed General Contractor