Pharmaceutical Construction Expertise in Orange County

Greater Pacific Construction - Pharmaceutical Lab

From concept or design through commissioning and construction, Greater Pacific Construction, a leading Orange County pharmaceutical contractor, has built relationships with some of the top pharmaceutical companies based in Orange County. With proven ability to deliver top quality construction needs for pharmaceutical, research and production facilities, clients like Protab Laboratories have relied on the expertise of Greater Pacific Construction.

Pharmaceutical Construction that Maximizes Productivity While Minimizing Disruption to Ongoing Business Operation

Greater Pacific Construction has mastered important aspects of construction business, such as design, effectiveness, organizational agility, and project management. As much as construction industry is changing rapidly because of advancements in building technology, security, energy efficiency, as well as changing consumer expectations, there are a few important things that remain constant at Greater Pacific Construction:

  • Unwavering commitment to safety and excellence.
  • Comprehensive planning, coordination and collaboration with team members, stakeholders and contractors.
  • Advanced construction techniques to minimize disruption to ongoing business operations.
  • Strategic planning, proper coordination, and seamless collaboration with team members, stakeholders and others.
  • Open communication, progress monitoring, flexibility to ensure project is running on schedule and on-budget.

Pharmaceutical Facilities Construction

With decades of experience in general contracting, Greater Pacific Construction is one of the top builders of pharmaceutical facilities in Orange County that provides  comprehensive construction services and adheres to regulatory requirements. We take the proper steps and safety protocols to ensure that all of our team members have a zero incident at every job site.

  • Cleanroom design and construction
  • Clinical and classified space construction – cGMP compliance
  • Custom medical equipment supports design/build
  • Drywall installation and metal stud framing
  • Flat roof system installation
  • Laminar airflow modular ceiling installer
  • Medical equipment support design
  • Packaging and warehousing
  • Raised access floors (RAF)
  • Research laboratories
  • Seismic upgrades

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Licensed General Contractor

Licensed General Contractor