Can’t Miss Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Greater Pacific Construction - Can’t Miss Kitchen Renovation Ideas

You want to be cautious of the “hot trends” when it’s time to renovate your kitchen. A kitchen that appears outdated in just a few years because you followed a trend with no staying power is not a good investment. Instead, look at the trends for the value they’ll bring to your home and your life for the long run!

Below are seven popular can’t miss trends that will add value for years because they address lifestyle and convenience and enduring style.

  1. White Cabinets & Appliances

White kitchens are still popular, white cabinets are the choice for 67% of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) members.

  1. Don’t want white? Try Neutral Gray

A grey color scheme was the fastest growing choice for kitchens in 2014, especially matched with a splash of yellow or another bold color.

  1. Smaller Appliances

Small is big these days, especially for retires or millennials. Micro-living may be a new movement but experts say it’s not going anywhere. Micro-appliances include a two-burner cooktop, a microwave/convection oven combo, and an 18” dishwasher among others.

  1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz and granite countertops have been almost tied in popularity up to now. Now the trend is definitely towards quartz. Quartz is easy to maintain and doesn’t require annual sealing like granite.

  1. LED Lighting

Below cabinets, along toe-kicks, concealed in crown molding, on the inside of cabinet doors; LEDs are showing up everywhere! They emit practically no heat, come in a variety of color, last longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy to boot!

  1. Point-of-Use Refrigeration

Put the cool where you need it. Install a counter height unit for produce next to your prep area for example or as a juice/soda fridge for kids.

  1. Touch-Activated Faucets

Trendy? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely! There so convenient you’ll wonder what took them so long to produce. Another important feature available with many models is their ability to turn off automatically, which can add up to significant water savings.

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