Commercial Renovation Contractors – What To Know

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The commercial renovation industry is big business. .And to be honest, not all contractors do business in the same way. Here are a few tips on how to avoid a “shady” commercial renovation contractor:

Appearance Matters – If you want to know about the attention to detail you can expect from you contractor pay attention to the way he presents his company. He may not be wearing a suit and tie, but his appearance should be neat and professional. This applies to his company vehicle as well; does it display the company’s name and logo? Is it tidy and well maintained? Even whether or not he presents you with a business card can be a reflection on his professionalism.

Check and Verify – Canvassing family, friends and business associates for a recommendation is often the best way to find a great contractor. Requesting references is a great, but only if you check them! The same is true for their professional credentials.

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True…yep, you guessed it – it probably is. Be cautious of low-ball offers and estimates that are drastically different.” Offers of a “one-time-only, special low price,” should probably be given a pass.

Don’t Pay in Cash – Contractors who want to work on a cash-only basis do so for a reason, avoiding taxes for example. Pay by check, no more than 20 percent (some states limit the amount of a down payment to 10%) and never make the final payment until your completely satisfied with the job.

It Pays to do the Research – Check out industry websites to get a sense of what to expect, get an idea of the associated costs and trends. Information is power, and the more familiar you are with the process the better!

Read the Fine Print – Which means read the whole contract, word-for-word. Ask for explanations if there’s something you don’t understand. Remember, if it’s not in the contract it doesn’t exist.

At Greater Pacific Construction we are an affordably priced yet high quality commercial renovation contractor. Our business relies on our reputation for excellence. We maintain the proper insurance. What we quote is what you pay. We keep our promises and time frame and we put that all in writing!

Licensed General Contractor

Licensed General Contractor