Bath Renovation ~ Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Greater Pacific Construction - Bath Renovation ~ Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Trying to make everything fit in a small bathroom can feel like to a crossword puzzle. The challenges can include separating the sink and toilet to meet code, room for a shower and even where to put the towels. Below are tips for renovating a small space to the perfect size.

Use a large-scale pattern. Patterns like wide stripe, can trick the eye into seeing a bigger space and the bathroom will feel bigger.

Install a wall-mounted faucet. A wall-mounted faucet allows you to use a narrower sink or vanity, and frees up square footage in the whole bathroom. Wall-mounted faucets are a popular choice this year.

Choose a corner sink. A corner sink across from a toilet works better than placing a sink across from your shower because you’ll avoid awkward “walk around” situations.

Use a shower curtain. A shower curtain in lieu of a shower door that opens in and out.

Install a round the vanity. Tight spaces can make sharp corners hazardous. A round vanity can be perfect in a square space and no more bruises.

Build shelves or a counter over the toilet. This arrangement can take advantage of wall space often overlooked in the bathroom. Toilet placement is unaffected, and the look is clean and modern.

Use a bigger mirror. A mirror that stretches across the wall instead of just over the vanity enables two people to use it at once. It also reflects light making the space feel roomier.

Mount the towel bar on the shower door. A towel bar on the shower door keeps towels handy. You may have to store most of your towels in a nearby closet, but it’s essential to have one handy.

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