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Greater Pacific Construction - Tricked Out Orange County Bath Remodels

Smart, unique and high-tech alternatives and additions to a bath remodel are a world apart and out of this world. They’ll bring a lot of bang for your buck and if you’re bath remodeling, these ideas are easy to incorporate.

For example, if you often struggle to find items in your dark bathroom cabinets try built-in cabinet lighting like recessed downlights (use glass shelves so light will filter down) or a backlit panel to illuminate the entire storage space.

To keep your hair dryer, electric toothbrush or shaver easily accessible use a compact cabinet located on the top of your vanity with a lift-up door. Position the cabinet at a convenient height and next to outlets so they’re ready to go.

If you have kids reaching on tip-toes for the faucet consider a pull-out or fold-down step. Position it at the base of your cabinetry to give little ones an extra boost. It can also give you a boost to reach the top of the mirror for cleaning.

Use drawer organizer to bring order to messy drawers. Similar to kitchen organizers, with inserts that divide the storage space into separate, easy-to-manage sections.

Push-touch drawer systems and soft-close door hinges are a solid investment for any bathroom, especially one for families with young kids or people with motor or mobility challenges. They’re safer, durable and ergonomic and they offer smooth and silent function,

Medicine cabinets with a mirrored interior a mirrored interior allow you to see items that are hidden at the back of your cabinet, which means you’ll be able to quickly find whatever you’re looking for.

Go high tech. For those who wish they could watch the news while getting ready in morning, or a favorite TV show while in the tub at night, get a medicine cabinet that features a mirrored door with an integrated LCD TV screen. Also, consider adding some built-in speakers to your cabinets to listen to music while preparing for the day or night ahead.

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