Finding Storage Space Means Thinking Outside The Cabinet

Greater Pacific Construction - Orange County - Finding Storage Space Means Thinking Outside The Cabinet

No one has ever claimed to have too much storage, and if you’re looking for more storage opportunities in your kitchen or bath there are probably more than you realize, it simply takes clever design and construction techniques to take full advantage of them.

For example, maximizing the storage space in your kitchen or bathroom can sometimes be as easy as looking at a wall – more specifically the space between the studs in your wall. This space may be narrow, but floor to ceiling shelving it can accommodate a lot of stuff, and containers hung on the wall can open up counter space.

Another way to find storage space is to look up, also referred to as “thinking vertically” – cabinetry which goes all the way to the ceiling can add valuable square footage and put things where there handy. Open shelving on these same walls puts your kitchenware (or bathroom amenities) on display while opening up cabinet space.

Wasting space in that corner cabinet so deep you can’t even reach, let alone remember, what’s back there? There are a myriad of carousel-type racks and shelving to get the best use from this space.

Narrow vertical drawers under the sink or next to appliances are another great way to put unused space to work. And drawers aren’t just for junk and dishtowels any more – consider installing drawers to hold your spices (a better storage option to keep them fresher, longer by reducing their exposure to moisture and sunlight) and a drawer under your oven to keep pots and pans handy and out of their precarious piles in the cabinet.

A well designed pantry can be worth its weight in gold – combining shallow drawers, various size shelves and pullout baskets (among other amenities) can turn even the smallest closet into a spacious walk-in.

Licensed General Contractor

Licensed General Contractor