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Today’s health care market can be a jungle and in order to compete you have to take advantage of every opportunity you can to advance your practice and your brand. Investing in an office remodel or a build out in a new space is one of those opportunities, and the decisions you make now will have a lasting effect on your practice, your patients and your bottom line.

A commercial general contractor with medical office experience has the experience required to transform your vision into reality and turn this opportunity golden. To achieve this, we listen first to ensure we understand your expectations; we listen during to keep the project on track and we listen after – to guarantee your satisfaction.

There’s a lot to consider when designing your medical office space. And just like your practice, no one design can meet every medical office need. From the equipment and furnishings you need for your work, to workflow pattern for staff to do their job with optimal efficiency to the patient’s perceptions through their entire visit; a general contractor with medical office design and construction experience will partner with your equipment supplier and both of them will partner with you to address all these things within the space and budget available.

Creating the best possible layout for you, your staff and your patients is the number one goal. This includes; architecture, aesthetics, technology and furnishings. These elements will affect your efficiency and have an immediate impact on your overall productivity. They will also affect the level of comfort patients feel in your practice, which is likely to influence whether they return to you for future care or refer you to friends and family.

Design elements can optimize your productivity and your patient care, the right general contractor understands the mechanics of patient flow and treatment efficiency and can recommend the best elements for your practice.

For example, first impressions count – and patients form theirs the minute they walk in. Your waiting room/reception area needs to be calm and soothing. The seating should be well thought out and based on (for example) the number of doctors in your practice, the length of the procedures performed there and the number of patients cycling through. Typically, longer procedures mean fewer daily patients so a smaller waiting room may be justified, with the opposite being true for shorter procedures (more patients, larger waiting room). Furniture and carpet selection based on sound absorption, lighting and color schemes that work together to provide a relaxing atmosphere….details matter.

Greater Pacific is a leading Medical and Dental general contractor with the right medical office experience who can cut through the design jungle and lead you straight to the perfect medical office.

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General Contractor Inland EmpireWe are extremely pleased with our room addition by Greater Pacific Construction!! "Room addition" is somewhat misleading as our project included demolition of a garage, a foundation and construction of a new garage with a large bedroom and bathroom on a new second floor. From pouring concrete to painting, Greater Pacific handled it all. With their on-site manager, they kept the project moving with surprisingly little inconvenience to us. They kept us in the loop with almost daily updates and were always accessible to answer questions and help with decisions. When the project was about over, we looked around and decided that we would have to change the landscaping to go with it. With Greater Pacific’s help, we came up with a plan and they carried it out. It almost looks like a new house!
We love our new bedroom with its view of the ocean, fireplace and sitting area! We are happy to recommend Greater Pacific Construction to anyone considering a large home construction project.