Greater Pacific Construction - How Office Design Will Change After Coronavirus

How Office Design Will Change After Covid-19

As we cautiously make our way toward working with relaxing Covid-19 lockdowns, many of us are starting to envision a time when we can stop working at home and on our kitchen tables and return to the office. Yet, in the absence of a vaccine, aspects of modern workplaces will have to change if employees are to safely return to their desks.

According to Gensler research, the study that surveyed 2,300+ full-time U.S. office workers at companies of 100 or more people from April 16 to May 4 found that only 12% of U.S. workers want to work from home full-time.  Before this experience, only one in ten U.S. office workers had worked from home, and less than a third previously had the option to work from home. The research found that the majority of people want to return to the office. Most people want to return to the workplace, but with key changes to address social distancing.

The study also found that 70% of people want to work in the office for most of their workweek. However, they want to see changes from the pre-pandemic density levels, ensuring there is more space for physical distancing while addressing noise and cleaning protocols.

So what is clear is that the earlier prediction that “It’s the End of the Office” may not hold true, but instead we will be working in offices which would have been remodeled and upgraded to accommodate the worker’s health and wellbeing in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Here is what we do expect to see:

  • Companies will have to implement new hygiene and safety precautions
  • Distributed offices and rotating days for the staff
  • One-way hallways would become common, creating one-way primary circulation paths in the workplace
  • A return to 8×8 workstations with higher panels or the addition of Plexi-Glass divider screens — essentially “breath barriers,”
  • Touchless technology for doors, elevators, coffee makers, and more
  • Use of fabrics and surfaces allowing for more frequent, aggressive, or high-powered cleaning methods

Overall, the harsh realities of the COVID19 world have and will alter the preferences and behaviors of the workforce over time and the office and workspaces to stay relevant they would have to evolve and accommodate that.

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Greater Pacific Construction - Things to Consider When Embarking on a Room Addition Project in Orange County

Things to Consider When Embarking on a Room Addition Project in Orange County

Thinking of adding a room to your home because it’s feeling a bit cramped with your growing family? Then room addition can be a good solution, but do yourself a favor and avoid the stress associated with construction projects by doing your homework. The toughest part of embarking on a room addition project is choosing the right general contractor. Once that’s behind you, the rest of the job will be smooth sailing.

Gather Your Ideas for Design & Materials

Have a clear idea about what you want, download images, take pictures or go through interior design websites and magazines. Gather these materials and share them to the general contractors.

Ask Around Before Choosing

Ask friends and family to recommend tried-and-trusted general contractors, get in touch with the contractor and ask to see samples of their work, ask for their credentials, talk to them face to face in order to make sure they understand your ideas and be clear and precise, no room for guessing here.

Watch Out for Warning Signs

If the contractor gives you an estimate before getting the details, accepts only cash, tries to skip the building permit, tries to beat around the legal requirements or tries to use leftover or sub-standard materials, then you should raise the red flags.

Be Frank About Your Budget

Making it clear on the onset that you have a specific budget to work within, and that you don’t intend to go overboard, will save you a lot of headache later.

Get it Down in Black and White

Draw a room addition/ home improvement contract that enumerates the exact job you want done and the price. Having it in writing will allow you and your contractor to fully understand the scope and cost of the project agreed upon. Don’t be sparing with the details; the more precise, the better.

Check for License and Insurance

You should ask for proof of a license and insurance before hiring a general contractor or you can do an online license check in Orange County. Insurance will cover property damage and injuries caused by the contractor’s work. Make sure the general contractor’s insurance includes workers’ compensation, which covers injuries the contractor’s employees may suffer while doing work on site. Greater Pacific Construction is a licensed and insured general contractor in Orange County.

Ask for Receipts

Always ask for receipt for any materials bought and check for yourself that the right material is being used. Transparency is what makes Greater Pacific Construction –Residential one of the most trusted residential general contractors in Orange County.

Be in Touch

Maintain regular communication with your contractor during the execution of the job and check on the progress of the construction regularly. Be prepared for surprises and allow for 10 -15% increase over the estimated budget, but not more. Also make arrangements for the contractor’s crew to have easy access to the materials and supplies.

Don’t Make the Full Payment Upfront

Pay minimum partial payment up front. to a minimum and settle the remaining amount when the job has been completed to your satisfaction. Alternatively, you can negotiate to pay in thirds– 1/3 up front, the other in the middle and the rest upon completion of the project.

Greater Pacific Construction, the most trusted general contractor in Orange County, has years of experience in general contracting and have successfully completed all types of room additions. Our room addition services include architectural and engineering design, obtaining city permits, foundation, footing, forming, shoring, retaining walls, framing, HVAC systems, plumbing, drainage piping, electrical works, main panel, light fixtures, siding, insulation, drywall, plastering, taping, painting and much more.

  • Kitchen extension
  • Two-story extensions
  • Bedroom addition
  • Family bathroom addition
  • Second story extensions
  • Sun rooms
  • California room
  • Garage conversion
  • Dormer addition
  • Bump out addition.

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