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Do I need an Architect for my Project in Orange County?

California law defines the practice of architecture as “the planning of sites, and the design, in whole or in part, of buildings or groups of buildings and structures.” Any person who uses the title of architect, or provides architectural services in California, must be licensed by the state. The California Architects Board examines, licenses, and regulates more than 22,000 architects to help ensure your project is designed correctly. Their mission is to protect the welfare of the public by ensuring the professional performance of architects licensed to practice in the state.

There are projects which don’t require an architect of course including, single-family dwellings, garages or other additions no more than two stories high, nonstructural or non-seismic storefront renovations and additions. If you’re not sure whether or not your project needs an architect contact the Orange County building official’s office. They will consider the existing state laws, public health, safety and welfare, local environmental and geographical conditions and a myriad of other details to make a that determination.

If you do hire an architect for your project California law requires a written contract that contains at a minimum the following items:

1. A description of services to be provided by the architect.
2. A basis of compensation and method of payment agreed upon by both parties.
3. The name, address, and license number of the architect.
4. How additional services will be added or considered.
5. How the contract may be terminated.

These are the basics, doesn’t seem like much does it? That’s why there is a much longer list of recommended items to be included in your contract including; legal property information where the work will occur, such as boundary surveys and soil testing reports, project schedule and construction budget are just a few.

You can find more information on hiring an architect by visiting this website,

At Greater Pacific Construction we work closely with many quality Architects in Orange County. We pride ourselves in the highest quality construction and that all starts at the planning phase. Whether you are building a new home, room addition, tenant improvement or commercial construction in Orange County, hiring the right architect is the first step in creating the most functional and beautiful space.

The Value of an Experienced Contractor for your Office Remodel

The Value of an Experienced Contractor for your Office Remodel

Office renovation projects are often challenging. Businesses remodel their office space for a variety of reasons, and to be successful the contractor must understand the particular reasons behind a project. The tenant may be an existing occupant adjusting their space or a new tenant doing a total transformation of the building. The business may or may not even be the building owner. These are just some of the nuances the contractor needs to consider, there’s more.

Typically an office remodel will involve modifications to the interior of a building while the shell remains he same. The changes can be minor or elaborate in scope. Sometimes the tenant simply wants to bring the building up to code and/or conform to new standards. In other cases the space needs to be completely overhauled to meet changing operational needs.

When the tenant is existing, and the renovations are essentially cosmetic then design input is minimal, and hiring the builder as a general contractor makes the most sense. With this arrangement, the project owner takes the risk and has to pay the builder additional fees when design changes occur.

Larger scale office renovations are a different story. In this instance the business needs to plan, consider alternatives and weigh the costs and benefits of each one… Ideally, the employees will be involved as they’re the ones really using the space. Involving the contractor at this phase can also be beneficial. An experienced contractor can offer valuable insights into the constructability, cost and schedule of each idea.

Possibly the most important consideration of an office remodel project is whether or not business operations are to continue undisturbed (more or less) during construction. When office workers are present, additional safety precautions are required as well as insurance coverage. Regardless of alternate arrangements made for the business, (moving the office temporarily for example, or working after business hours) the odors, noise and dust associated with construction are apt to be an issue.

Greater Pacific Construction has the knowledge and experience to make your remodeling project a success before, during and after the dust settles.



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General Contractor Inland EmpireWe are extremely pleased with our room addition by Greater Pacific Construction!! "Room addition" is somewhat misleading as our project included demolition of a garage, a foundation and construction of a new garage with a large bedroom and bathroom on a new second floor. From pouring concrete to painting, Greater Pacific handled it all. With their on-site manager, they kept the project moving with surprisingly little inconvenience to us. They kept us in the loop with almost daily updates and were always accessible to answer questions and help with decisions. When the project was about over, we looked around and decided that we would have to change the landscaping to go with it. With Greater Pacific’s help, we came up with a plan and they carried it out. It almost looks like a new house!
We love our new bedroom with its view of the ocean, fireplace and sitting area! We are happy to recommend Greater Pacific Construction to anyone considering a large home construction project.